World’s demand for energy fluctuates with the rhythms of the economy, but the overall trend over a long time period will always remain up. Energy and Utility companies must continue to meet demand in the most challenging of scenarios. AISS employs all its technological capacity to help petroleum and gas; electricity and water and related energy companies achieve their main business goals of new energy infrastructure development, maximum availability, increasing the useful life of facilities, cost optimization, efficiency at operations and maintenance, 
operation sustainability and network intelligence. Operational excellence is the bedrock of your profitability, and information excellence is its foundation.

AISS solution consists in designing and deploying complex communications architectures that guarantee availability under all circumstances, even in crisis situations, to achieve network resilience, i.e. the capacity of networks to withstand shocks and guarantee high-level end-to-end transmissions that are efficient, dependable, secure and interoperable.

This offering is based on three main approaches: