The education marketplace is transforming the way students are learning and teachers are teaching by utilizing the latest technologies. We are into the market mainly focusing on providing an easy and affordable way tobring interactive teaching solution into the classrooms. We work with world class partners to create and sell the best interactive training and learning products such as visualizers, interactive whiteboards, student response systems, Class room management systems etc. According to the latest survey it was found that students show more enthusiasm and remain more active during demonstrations. Our Interactive White Board system follows the same principle to build an interactive class environment while leaving a long lasting learning into life.

In business our interactive whiteboard solutions can be used in conferences, discussions, business trainingsetc. It facilitates group interaction during meetings and allowsthe participants to share applications, display images, sharing notes, run videos etc.The participant can even express his idea during the discussion which will improve the effect of meeting. All the meeting notes can be recorded so that it can be sent as a file to all the participants, which will avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

We offer Interactive Whiteboard Systems,