IT benchmarking delivers unbiased comparisons of IT performance relative to peer organizations and those considered best in class. Benchmarking can help you assess your IT organizations performance to ensure delivery of cost-effective and efficient IT services and identifies opportunities for improving performance. AISS provides individually configured, project-specific benchmarks that help customers to address IT challenges such as growth planning, charging for IT services, budget validation, mergers and acquisitions, end-user satisfaction, application rationalization, or the support of outsourced service contract evaluation. Benchmarking offers a snapshot in the particular instant which can help you to determine where your enterprise is today and a future road map that shows where opportunities.

AISS benchmarking can help you in,

  • Planning your IT budget with relevant facts and metrics to justify your IT spending and staffing costs
  • Identifying opportunities for cost optimization and investment prioritization
  • Using the data to improve dialogue and alignment with business units and the board
  • Selecting the right mix of insourcing and outsourcing at fair-market prices and service levels available today lie.

AISS Consultancy services can help our clients to