When it comes to Information and Technology solutions we out strip our competitors by

Transformation Enabler

As a service company AISS have the proven capability to pilot the smooth and successful transformation of our customers’ business processes and operations. We stand for the highest level of reliability and long-term security.

Best Solutions

We help customers receive comprehensive IT services and solutions – adapted to suit their specific requirements. The IT service provider’s experts rely not only on their own expertise, but also operate a comprehensive network with proven partners.

Project Management

Our systems integration engineers are able to manage all aspects of a project to successfully commission your chosen system solution. This includes combined scheduling of value added resellers and third party contractors, materials procurement and delivery.

Insights and Innovation

The technical expertise of AISS is backed by a strong engineering culture. The insight we got through years of solution development gives us vantage. This results in innovations that deliver measurable value to the clients, both in the public and private sector.

Trainings and Support

Our customers benefit from training their operators and engineers on the specific system they will use on a daily basis. AISS provide the expertise necessary to troubleshoot and pull together many third-party systems into a functional solution.

Superior Design Expertise

Over 30 years of experience in the solution design industry with certified A grade engineers and certified professionals


Delivering solutions to client by reducing environmental impact, enabling low carbon economy, conducting business responsibly and leading by values.